Friday 31 August 2012

Day 7 - Sandwich wraps

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for making it to the end of week one of this challenge! I'm not sure I could keep this up if I was working full time but for now its still fun! I just might have to cheat a little at the weekend when I'm away. I really shouldn't admit these things... :)

So today I finished off my fused plastic bag projects and made some sandwich wraps and snack bags!

I got the idea for the sandwich wraps from Chica and Jo's blog here: They are super easy to make and pretty useful! :)

If you're not sure how to make fused plastic (or have no idea what the hell I'm talking about!) have a look at what I was up to two days ago -

Make a square of fused plastic about 12" x 12". (Mine ended up being a bit smaller and it still fits a sandwich so don't worry if your melting plastic has other ideas!). Then cut a piece of fabric about 14" x 14". Put your plastic on the wrong side of your fabric and pin in place around the edges. Fold it over twice so you hide the rough edge.

Sew around the edges.

Then pin a 2" piece of fuzzy velcro on the plastic side at the top corner (12 o'clock) and a 2" piece of rough velcro on the plastic side at the  3 o'clock.

And pin a 1" piece of rough velcro at the bottom corner (6 o'clock) and a 1" piece of fuzzy velcro at the left corner (9 o'clock).

Then sew them on to secure them!

Make a sandwich and try it out! :)

I also made some little snack bags with some smaller pieces of fused plastic. I got the idea for the snack bags over at Owen's Olivia:

Oh but word of warning - if you're using fused plastic for your lining like I did then either use a stretchy jersey material (like my purple bag) or cut the fabric pieces bigger than the plastic so you turn them the right way out more easily! I ripped a seam or two on the little leaf one... :(

Things I've learnt:

- Don't try to sew self adhesive velcro with a sewing machine! It does not like it and may break multiple needles in protest!
- Blogging is way less fun when you have to put the photos in via html. ugh. Can't get my pics and text to line up properly. :( Hope Blogger gets fixed soon!!
- Plain white bread and butter ham sandwiches are delicious. And way under-rated. Yum. :)

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