Saturday 22 December 2012

Friday Freebie #7 - New Year Goals

Well would you look at that, I'm actually on time with my freebie this week!! :) And it's almost Christmas so I'd have the perfect excuse if I was late. This week's post is all about time aptly enough.

Telling time to the hour and half hour

First up I want to share a Telling Time activity I've been working on. The pack includes activities and worksheets to teach telling time to the hour and half hour. The main activity is a wristwatch scavenger hunt.

Each child gets their own watch which they colour and cut out. You can choose only time to the hour or half hour or a mixture of both. I've also included blank watches so you can add in some tricky ones to challenge your more able students. 
Then they put their giant watches on and use some sticky tape to close them. If you plan on using the watches to complete all the checklists or for reviewing time later in the year it might be worth covering them with clear contact to protect them or print them on light card.

Scavenger Hunt Checklist - time

They are each given a scavenger hunt checklist and must walk quietly around the room reading the time on their friends watches and recording the answers. There are different checklists so you can decide how long the activity will last or how difficult or easy it will be for each child. Once they have completed the activity they sit down and use the included worksheets to put their time telling skills to work once again

Telling Time Scavenger Hunt activity

And still on the theme of time - - > this week's freebie!

New Year lesson freebie

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to teach reflection and goal setting skills. This little craft is a great follow up to discussion on what your class have achieved this year and what their hopes are for 2013.

New Year goals activity      New Year memories activity

I've included a few different versions with differing amounts of writing and drawing requirements so you can pick the ones that suit your students. But the basic idea is that they write about their memories of 2012 and goals for 2013 on these stars. Then cut them out, stick the two sides together and hang them in your classroom as a visual reminder of all they have achieved and their dreams for the new year.

(If you find this useful I'd really appreciate some feedback!)

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Things I've Learnt:
- Friday Freebie is much better when it's actually posted on a Friday! :)

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  1. Love the ideas!! Thanks!

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    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. The watch idea is brilliant! I like the stars too! I am going to share your blog for any of my followers that teach the lower grades :).


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