Friday 9 November 2012

Friday Freebie #1

My blog struggles a little with its identity. Is it a crafting blog? A place for sharing recipes? An education blog? Well, it kinda tries to be all three. But I'm conscious of not letting any one of those things take over from the others. Although poor little recipes haven't had a look in in a while!

Anyway, to keep things balanced and organised I've decided to add a little education feature post to my blog - the Friday Freebie! Every Friday I'll give you a little update on the things I've added to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and give you a little freebie for you to use in your classroom or at home too. Publicity for me, free stuff for you. Sound good? :)

I'm still figuring out this whole TPT thing, it's hard to know how much to charge for things that you spend all day making. If anyone has some tips then please let me know! And if lots of people buy stuff then I'll keep it super cheap I promise, teachers already spend too much of their own money on teaching resources!

So what have I added this week? Click on the image to download or find out more.

CVC word jigsaw puzzle literacy center

This is my favourite. I literally spent all day working on it yesterday but I love it! It's a set of lower case letters on jigsaw puzzle pieces. The consonants are on red pieces and the vowels are on blue to make it easier to differentiate them. Then they can be pressed together to create CVC (3 letter consonant-vowel-consonant) words. And I've made a few worksheets for the kids to practice on. 

Stop Sign warning cards for classroom management

These are the first thing I've ever sold from my store! I made a grand total of 45c. :) But we've got to start somewhere right? 

They are cute little stop sign cards that you hand out to children when they start misbehaving. This encourages them to identify the inappropriate behaviour themselves and make better choices. And it saves your voice from having to remind them ever two seconds!  

Desk Fairy notes - positive reinforcement for tidy desk!

I'm pretty much in love with these little cards too. I love classroom management techniques that allow the kids to take a bit more responsibility for their actions and then give them some positive reinforcement. These little cards can be left on any desks that are being kept tidy and neat. They have a little poem on them and come with a poster to display to remind the class what the "desk fairy" likes to see!

Listen has the same letters as Silent

And finally your freebie of the week! A cute little poster to remind those chatterboxes in your class or home that you need to be quiet to be able to listen! :) "Listen has the same letters as Silent". 

Want more freebies? Click on my "free downloads" label and see what else I have for you! :)

Want to open your own TPT store? Click here and give it a try!

Things I've Learnt:
- Hmmm... I've learnt a lot about copyrights and photoshop mainly! :)

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  1. We love the jigsaw puzzles! Our students enjoy puzzles and we think this would be great beginning of the year work in our classrooms next year :)

  2. I love the CVC puzzles too! great idea!

  3. You are so funny! I'm reading your post and I feel like you are right here next to me talking :) I love you jigsaw puzzle, these activites come very handy when the kids are looking for something new.



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