30 Days of Creativity

I have had to take some unexpected time off work due to illness and cabin fever is setting in. So I've decided to set myself a challenge - do one crafty or creative thing each day for the next 30 days and blog about it! :) The 30 day creativity challenge!

So hopefully over the next 30 days this will focus me to use my free time productively and try out new recipes, make some crafty projects, learn how to use my SLR camera and learn how to blog! And I'll finally make some things from pinterest.

And maybe somebody will find my little blog and read along or, even better, join me in my challenge!

So here's to 30 days of being inspired! :)

Day 1 - Strawberry Surprise Brownie Cupcakes
Day 2 - Carved Initial Embroidery
Day 3 - Barnyard Animal Hand Puppets
Day 4 - Bell Pepper Fried Eggs
Day 5 - Fused Plastic
Day 6 - Inside Out Carrot Cake Muffins
Day 7 - Sandwich Wraps
Day 8 - Disney Princess Finger Puppets
Day 9 - Tired Words Display
Day 10 - Blogging Tricks and Tips
Day 11 - Cardboard Box Ice-cream Van
Day 12 - Melted Crayon Art
Day 13 - Heart Shaped Chocolate Brownies
Day 14 - Nature Walk Art
Day 15 - Hedgehog Pin Cushion
Day 16 - Glove Teddy Bear
Day 17 - Anzac Biscuits
Day 18 - Painting on Bread
Day 19 - Balloon Parcels
Day 20 - Chocolate Stuffed Raspberries
Day 21 - Felt Piggy Banks
Day 22 - Sesame Street Snacks
Day 23 - Felt Mazes
Day 24 - iPad 3 Cover
Day 25 - Shopping List Fridge Magnets
Day 26 - Sock Monkey
Day 27 - White Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes
Day 28 - Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcakes
Day 29 - Soap Pouch Tutorial
Day 30 - Make Your Own Scratch Cards

Hey well would you look at that! I made it to the end. :) Okay okay, I know I cheated a little bit. But I made it to Day 20 without missing much. And isn't the important thing really that I kept blogging? :)

So what now? Well seeing as I've celebrated this milestone by creating my very own Being Inspired blog button I'm guessing I'm not going anywhere.

Time for a new challenge though. Any suggestions?? 

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