Friday 24 August 2012

Ice-cream Cone Cupcakes

It might not always be ice-cream weather this summer so we might need to be a little creative! I'd seen cupcake ice-cream cones all over pinterest and decided to give it a try. Afterall what better way to beat the rainy summer blues than with chocolate chip cupcakes!! :)

 I found flat-bottomed ice-cream cones but if you can't you could try covering your cupcake tray with tinfoil and tearing small holes in each section to sit the cones into.

Then just use your favourite cupcake recipe (I made a mixture of chocolate and chocolate chip) and spoon the batter into the ice cream cones instead of a cupcake liner and pop them in the oven!

They went stale pretty quickly so make sure you've got a tin big enough to store them in (or that you're feeling hungry enough to eat them that afternoon!).

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