Tuesday 4 September 2012

Day 11 - Cardboard Box Ice-cream Van

A quick post tonight, bit of an unproductive day recovering from the weekend! 
Ice-Cream Van made from a cardboard box.

A cardboard box from a 42" TV (empty display model box from a shop, no new tv here unfortunately!) that's been turned into an ice-cream van! 
This is great for classroom role-play centres to encourage reflection on summer activities before the sunshine is gone and they forget all about it! 

I got the signs from Sparklebox. And put a little book shelf inside it and equipped it with a cash register filled with real coins, empty ice-cream tubs that I'd filled with cotton wool, plastic spoons, some empty bottles for chocolate sauce, little cones made from cardboard (and some plastic cones and tubs from Ikea!). And most importantly a few laminated pages for the kids to take peoples orders on!

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