Sunday 9 September 2012

Day 16 - Glove Teddy Bear

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Quick post today:

There's a great tutorial for making little teddies out of gloves on the Etsy Blog and loads of pictures for more inspiration here. I made mine pretty quickly so he's a little rough around the edges but still pretty cute! :)

Just cut the cuff off the glove and discard.
Then cut off two fingers from your glove to make the arms. 
Cut the tips off the other two fingers and use those as ears.
Cut straight straight up from the remaining fingers to make the body and legs.
Cut a head from the remaining bit of glove.
Sew and stuff! :)

(Borrowed this picture from Etsy as it makes a little more sense than my description! They were making a chipmunk so they've a tail too.)


Things I've learnt:
- Stick pipe-cleaners into the arms and legs as you stuff them to make him posable!
- I really need to buy more buttons, his nose his huge!
- Finding time to blog at the weekends is pretty tough...

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