Wednesday 12 September 2012

Day 19 - Balloon Parcels!

Balloon Parcels!
Remember the Princess Finger Puppets that I made a week or so ago? Well they've been featured on "Sew Cute Tuesday" @ The Creative Itch. Which means I get my first featured on button!! :) So once I finally pick my new blog design I've another page to add to display my button!

Now with added Rapunzel!

This also reminded me that I hadn't actually got around to sending these puppets to their new home! I remember being a kid and always being so jealous of all the post that my parents got (if only I had known that most of those were bills!). So rather than give my cousin's their presents in person I thought it'd be fun to post them. 

I had seen a great idea on pinterest (from She's Crafty) for sending kids money on their birthdays. You put the money inside balloons, inflate them and send the child a box of money filled balloons! So I decided to put my little puppets and some sweets into balloons for the girls!


 It was a bit tricky getting them into the balloons at first but in the end I just stretched them as much as I could, folded up the finger puppets and squashed them inside. Once I blew up the balloons they popped out into their normal shape (and no-one lost an eye!)

The finished box! What kid wouldn't love to receive this in the post!! :)

Things I've Learnt:
- Putting lollipops inside balloons is not such a good idea... unless you like the sound of balloons bursting!


  1. What fun the kids would have had opening this box!!!

    1. They loved it!! "But it's not even Christmas or my birthday?!" :)

  2. It’s long overdue, but I’m finally posting features from my Felt Food & Projects Roundup on Year great idea will be featured tomorrow. Don’t forget to stop by and grab a featured button!

    I love your packaging, and I bet the kids did too!


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