Monday 17 September 2012

Day 22 - Sesame Street Snacks

Bored of your usual lunches? Fed up trying to convince your kids that fruit is delicious? Try making these Sesame Street Snacks! They're super easy to make and taste amazing!

Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert and Ernie made from fruit
First up we have the Cookie Monster - he's just a bowl of blueberries, plain chocolate chips for the mouth and bananas for his eyes!
Cookie Monster
Next is Elmo. He's made of a bowl of raspberries, marshmallow eyes, orange nose and blueberries for his mouth. He'd probably look better if there were more raspberries in the bowl but it's dark outside so I wasn't going out to pick more!

For some reason Blogger refuses to let me put Ernie in the right way around. So you'll have to tilt your head, sorry! He's made from a mandarin orange, raisins for his hair, marshmallow eyes, a raspberry nose, carrot ears and glacé cherry for his mouth!

Sideways Ernie...

 And finally - Bert! He's made from a banana, raisins for his hair and eye brows, marshmallows for his eyes, orange for his nose, peanut ears and glacé cherries for his mouth. 

Things I've learnt:
- You know that whole "Don't play with your food!" thing? Don't listen to them! It's way too much fun. :)
- Raspberry juice gets everywhere, hence Elmo's bloodshot eyes!


  1. What an adorable way to serve your children fruit! Great ideas! Hope you pinned this!

    1. Thanks! Yup pinned and I've just added a "pin it" button to my posts so hopefully it'll be easier for people to pin things they like now! :)

  2. Oh My Gosh! These are so cute! I wish my daughter was still little, she would have loved these. Even though she is 21, she might still like them!

    Thank you for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday. Don't forget to come back and vote on Sunday.

    I am now following you!


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